The company

Ariz Metal Structures S.A. builds all kinds of Metal Structures, in steel, aluminium, or corten.

With a long experience in this field, we specialise in the design of customised buildings, with a dedicated team of engineers, architects and draftpersons

Early stages

Pedro Ariz was a teenager who helped his parents working in the fields in the little village of Salinas de Pamplona, but it was the forge of the village blacksmith and the echoes of the hammer against the anvil, what eventually gained his attention and he begun learning the trade in his little spare time.
One day, he took his bike and went to town to start toiling at a garage. Later, he learned to weld. He was very enterprising and, in 1940, set up his own welding workshop in the borough of La Milagrosa in Pamplona. Back then, he just had a forge, a welding machine, an emery and a crude drill.

The evolution

Over the years, Pedro’s sons joined the Business, as it was growing fast to cater the increasing market demand.
In 1975 the plant had already become too small and the firm moved to a bigger, modern one in Noain. The new generation fostered the business expansion further and in 1986, built new facilities in Torres de Elorz, where it is currently based.
A family owned business, the third generation is already here with renewed energy and inspiration.


80 years later, we are a solid firm, that has overcame many challenges and are enthusiastic about the future. We feel proud to have taken part in so many projects.. in some of them you can still see the iron supporting ancient buildings and adorning old cottages doorways.